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Case Study #1: California Nissan Dealers / Wendy's Restaurants
California Nissan Dealers had us affix 1.5 million keys to game cards which were available at Wendy's Fast Food Restaurants. Participants were invited to bring the key/game card to a participating Nissan Dealer for a chance to win a Nissan Truck. At the dealer, every participant received a Wendy's Coupon Book worth $5.00 after a test-drive. A Nissan Pick-Up Truck was given away each day for 30 days. Television ads supported the promotion. Response rates for similar promotions have been up to 90%.
Case Study #2) Bennigan's Restaurants Increased Traffic by 46%
Using a Big Games Safari themed promotion, Bennigans offered 6 million customers a chance to win "Wild Prizes" such as an African Safari, a Jeep Wrangler Auto, and more! The promotion was supported by advertising in local newspapers, and radio & TV. The keys were attached to a perforated game card that were delivered by a waitperson. Customers were invited to try their luck, and then to return the following week for a second try. Bennigans experienced a 46 percent increase in business the first week, and a 28 percent increase the second week of the promotion.
Case Study #3 -Fund raising No-Brainer
For a fund raiser, an Alabama Church Group purchased 10,000 keys, and four different locks and chests for four different prize levels. The keys were "sold" for $1, $5, $10, or $25 depending upon which prize level participants wanted to try to win. $25 bought a chance to win airline tickets for two on American Airlines to anywhere in the continental US. $10 could win a $300 Shopping Spree. $5 was dinner for two, and $1 was an instant $35 cash prize. With donated prizes, the $600 promotion raised upwards of $20,000.
Case Study #4 - The Key to Successful Trade Shows and Store Openings
Option 1: Place a bowl full of keys by a treasure chest and invite customers to select a key to see if it opens the lock to win a prize. Option 2: Mail the keys to prospective customers of trade shows or store openings. Option 3: Affix the keys to cards with the booth number and prize advertised and insert into the trade show guide, or pass out on the trade show floor. This fun activity is a sure way to build rapport with customers, increase traffic to a booth and attendance to an event.
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